“wrong time,” i.e. not the proper time, which usually means “afternoon” or “evening,” and therefore often “too late.”- Vin.iv.274 (= time from sunset to sunrise); Ja.v.131 (ajja vikālo to-day it is too late); Vv-a.230 (id.)
■ loc. vikāle (opp. kāle) as adv., meaning:

  1. at the wrong time Vin.i.200; Snp.386; Pv-a.12
  2. too late Vv.84 (= akāle Vv-a.337); Dhp-a.i.356; Dhp-a.iv.69
  3. very late (at night Ja.v.458.
  • -bhojana taking a meal at the wrong time, i.e. in the afternoon Vin.i.83; DN.i.5; AN.i.212; AN.ii.209; Snp.400; DN-a.i.77.

vi + kāla