1. uneven, unequal, disharmonious, contrary AN.i.74; Pv-a.47 (vāta), Pv-a.131 (a˚ = sama of the “middle” path).
  2. (morally) discrepant lawless, wrong AN.iii.285; AN.v.329; Snp.57 (cp. Cnd.599) Mil.250 (˚diṭṭhi).
  3. odd, peculiar, petty, disagreeable AN.ii.87; Mil.112, Mil.304, Mil.357; Ja.i.391 (nagaraka). As nt. an uneven or dangerous or inaccessible place rough road; (fig.) unevenness, badness, misconduct disagreeableness AN.i.35 (pabbata˚); SN.iv.117; Vb.368 (two sets of 3 visamāni: rāga, etc.); Mil.136, Mil.157, Mil.277 Mil.351; Ja.v.70; Vv-a.301
    visamena (instr.) in a wrong way Pv.iv.14.

vi + sama3