property, wealth, possessions, luxuries SN.i.42; Snp.181 sq., Snp.302; Ja.v.350, Ja.v.445;; Pv.ii.8#1 (= vittiyā upakaraṇa-bhūtaṃ vittaṃ Pv-a.106)
■ Often in phrase -ūpakaraṇa possessions & means, i.e. wealth; e.g. DN.i.134; SN.i.71; SN.iv.324; Pp.52; Dhp.i.295; Pv-a.3 Pv-a.71. Vittaṃ is probably the right reading SN.i.126 (15) for cittaṃ. Cf. p. 123 (3); K.S. i.153, n. 3.

orig. pp. of vindati = Av. vista, Gr. αἴστος, Lat. vīsus; lit. one who has found, acquired or recognized but already in Vedic meaning (as nt.) “acquired possessions”


adjective gladdened, joyful, happy Ja.iii.413 (= tuṭṭha); Ja.iv.103; Vv.41#4 (= tuṭṭha C.); Vv.44#14 (id.), Vv.49#5 (id.).

identical with vitta1


see *vi*˚.

pp. of vic to sift, cp. Sk. vikta