alienated, withdrawn, drawn away (from), secluded often in phrase eko vūpakaṭṭho appamatto ātāpī etc (see arahant ii.B.), e.g. DN.iii.76; SN.i.117; SN.ii.21, SN.ii.244 SN.iii.35, SN.iii.73 sq.; SN.iv.72; AN.iv.299. Cp. also AN.iv.435 (gaṇasmā v.).

doubtful, whether vi + upakaṭṭha (since the latter is only used of time), or = vavakaṭṭha, with which it is identical in meaning. Cp. also BSk. vyapakṛṣṭa Avs.i.233; Avs.ii.194; of which it might be a re-translation.