adverb wherefrom, by which, out of which

  1. (local) from where DN.i.240 (uggacchanti candima-suriyā; opp. yattha where).
  2. (temporal) whence since, when, from which time Vv-a.344 (yato paṭṭhāya).
  3. (modal) from which, out of what cause because, in as far as DN.i.36 sq. (yato… ettāvatā because… therefore); Snp.p.113 (id.) Dhp.374, Dhp.390 (doubled = from whichever source)
    ■ Freq. in two combinations: yatvādhi-karaṇaṃ (yato + adhikaraṇaṃ) because (lit. by reason of which; cp. kim-ādhikaraṇaṃ, see adhik.) DN.i.70; DN.i.113; MN.i.269; Dhs.1346; cp. similarly BSk. yato adhikaraṇaṃ Mvu.iii.52; and yato-nidānaṃ on account of which, from which (or what) reason, because MN.i.109; Snp.273, Snp.869; Pv.iv.1#61 (cp. Pv-a.242)
    Note. yaticchita at Pv-a.265 is to be read yadicchita.

the abl. case of ya˚, used as conjunction, Cp. Vedic yataḥ