adjective noun

  1. (-˚) applying oneself (to), working (by means of), using Vism.70 (hattha˚ & patta˚ using the hand or the bowl but translation p. 80: “hand-ascetic” & “bowl-ascetic”).
  2. one who devotes himself to spiritual things, an earnest student, one who shows effort (in contemplation), a philosopher, wise man. The word does not occur in the four Nikāyas. In the older verses it is nearly synonymous with muni. The oldest ref. is Thag.947 (pubbake yogī “Saints of other days” Mrs Rh. D.). Freq. in Miln, e.g. pp. 2, 356 (yogi-jana) at pp. 366, 393, 404, 417, 418 in old verses. combined with yogâvacara Mil.366, Mil.404
    ■ Further passages are Ne.3, Ne.10, Ne.61; Vism.2, Vism.14, Vism.66, Vism.71 (in verse), Vism.150, Vism.320, Vism.373, Vism.509, Vism.620, Vism.651, Vism.696; Dhs-a.195, Dhs-a.327.

fr. yoga, cp. Class. Sk. yogin