having received or taken taking up, seizing on, receiving; freq. used in the sense of a prep. “with” (c. acc.) Snp.120, Snp.247, Snp.452; Ja.v.13 Vb.245; Dhp-a.ii.74; Snp-a.139; Pv-a.10, Pv-a.13, Pv-a.38, Pv-a.61 etc
■ At Vin.i.70 the form ādāya is used as a noun f ādāyā in meaning of “a casually taken up belief” (tassa ādāyassa vaṇṇe bhaṇati). Cp. upa˚, pari˚.

ger. of ādāti, either from base 1 of dadāti (dā) or base 2 (dāy). See also ādiya