in haled & exhaled breath, inspiration & respiration SN.v.132 SN.v.311 sq.; Ja.i.58; Pts.i.162 (˚kathā); usually in cpd. -sati concentration by in-breathing & out-breathing (cp.; Man of Mystic 70) MN.i.425 (cp. DN.ii.291); MN.iii.82 Vin.iii.70; AN.i.30; Iti.80; Pts.i.166, Pts.i.172, Pts.i.185 (˚samādhi); Cnd.466 B (id.); Mil.332; Vism.111, Vism.197, Vism.266 sq.; Snp-a.165. See detail under sati.

āna + apāna, compounds of an to breathe