1. abode, haunt, receptacle; dependence on, refuge, support, condition SN.i.38; Vin.iii.151; Ja.ii.99; Mil.257; Vv-a.60; Pv-a.210; jal˚ river Vv-a.47; Pgdp.80; adj. depending on, living in (-˚) Mil.317; Mnd.362 (bil˚, dak˚ etc.) See also āmāsaya, pakkāsaya.
  2. (fig.) inclination, intention, will, hope; often combd. & compared with anusaya (inclination, hankering, disposition), e.g. at Pts.i.133; Pts.ii.158; Vb.340; Vism.140 (˚posana); Pv-a.197. Snp-a.182 (˚vipatti), Snp-a.314 (˚suddhi), Kp-a.103 (˚sampatti) Cp. nirāsaya.
  3. outflow, excretion Pv.iii.5#3 (gabbh = gabbha-mala Pv-a.198); Vism.344.

ā + śī, cp. in similar meaning & derivation anusaya. The semantically related Sk. āśraya from ā + śri is in P. represented by assaya. Cp. also BSk. āśayataḥ intentionally in earnest Divy.281; Avs.ii.161