“having eaten”, but probably māsita (pp. of mṛś to touch, cp. Sk. mṛśita, which is ordinarily in massita), since it only occurs in combns. where m precedes, viz. Ja.ii.446 (dumapakkani-m-asita, where C reading is māsita & expln. khāditvā asita (variant reading āsita) dhāta) Mil.302 (visam-āsita affected with poison = visamāsita) Cp. also the form māsi(n) touching, eating at Ja.vi.354 (tiṇa˚, expld. by C. as khādaka)
āsita at Ja.v.70 is very doubtful, variant reading āsina & asita; C. explains by dhāta suhita p.73*Asita

= asita1?


at Vv-a.276 is better read with variant reading SS bhāsita (-vādana etc.).

registered as such with meaning “performed” by Hardy in Index