1. to turn over, incline, bend MN.iii.96; Ja.iv.56 (so read for āvijjhanto); DN-a.i.10 (kāyaṃ).
  2. to incline (the mind); observe, reflect, muse, think heed, listen for. According to Cpd. 227 often paraphrased in C. by pariṇāmeti
    ■ Ja.i.69, Ja.i.74, Ja.i.81, Ja.i.89, Ja.i.108, Ja.i.200; Mil.297; Dhp-a.ii.96; Pv-a.181 (= manasikaroti).
  3. to cause to yield AN.iii.27 (perhaps better āvaṭṭ˚). pp. āvajjita (q.v.).

Caus. of āvajjati