disrespect, neglect, in phrase apayvāmato (apaby˚) karoti to treat disrespectfully, to insult, defile SN.i.226 (variant reading abyāmato; C. explains apabyāmato karitvā abyāmato katvā); Kv.472 (vv.ll. asabyākato abyāto, apabyāto; Kvu trsl. 270 n.1 remarks: “B trsl.: abyāsakato. The Burmese scholar U. Pandi, suggests we should read apabyākato, by which he understands blasphemously”; it is here combd. with niṭṭhubhati, as at Dhp-a.ii.36); Dhp-a.ii.36 (“want of forbearance” Ed. doubtful reading; vv.ll. appabyāyakamma & apasāma) For further detail see; apasavya.

apa + vyāma