1. (*er) to move forward, rush on run into (of river) Vin.ii.238; Mil.70.
  2. (*ar) to fit in, fix, apply, insert, put on to (lit. & fig.) Vin.ii.136 Vin.ii.137; Ja.iii.34 (nimba-sūlasmiṃ to impale, C. āvuṇāti), (T. sūlasmiṃ acceti, vv.ll. abbeti = appeti & upeti C. āvuṇati); Mil.62 (dāruṃ sandhismiṃ); Vv-a.110 (saññāṇaṃ). Cp. Trenckner, Notes 64 n. 19, who defends reading abbeti at T. passages.

Vedic arpayati, Caus. of ; ṛṇoti & ṛcchati (cp. icchati2), Idg. *ar (to insert or put together, cp. also *er under aṇṇava) to which belong Sk. ara spoke of a wheel; Gr. ἀραρίσκω to put together, α ̔́ρμα chariot, α ̓́ρχρον limb, ἀρετή virtue; Lat. arma = E. arms (i.e. weapon) artus fixed, tight, also limb, ars = art. For further connections see aṇṇava