1. (lit.) breathing, esp. breathing out (so Vism.272), exhalation, opp. to passāsa inhalation, with which often combd. or contrasted; thus as cpd. assāsa-passāsa meaning breathing (in & out), sign of life, process of breathing, breath DN.ii.157 = SN.i.159 Thag.905; DN.iii.266; MN.i.243; SN.i.106; SN.iv.293; SN.v.330 SN.v.336; AN.iv.409; AN.v.135; Ja.ii.146;; Mil.31, Mil.85 Vism.116, Vism.197
    assāsa in contrast with passāsa at Pts.i.95, Pts.i.164 sq., Pts.i.182 sq.
  2. (fig.) breathing easily, freely or quietly, relief, comfort, consolation, confidence MN.i.64; SN.ii.50 (dhamma-vinaye); SN.iv.254 (param-assāsa-ppatta); AN.i.192; AN.iii.297 sq. (dhamma-vinaye); AN.iv.185; (see assattha2); Mil.354; Pv-a.104 (˚matta only a little breathing space); Sdhp.299 (param˚), Sdhp.313.

Sk. āśvāsa, ā + śvas