1. bound, in bondage MN.i.275; SN.i.133; SN.iv.91; Snp.957 (interpreted as “baddhacara by Mnd.464); Dhp.324.
  2. snared, trapped Ja.ii.153 Ja.iii.184; Ja.iv.251, Ja.iv.414.
  3. made firm, settled, fastened bound (to a cert. place) Kp-a.60 (˚pitta, opp. abaddha˚)
  4. contracted, acquired Vin.iii.96.
  5. bound to addicted or attached to Snp.773 (bhavasāta˚, cp. Mnd.30)
  6. put together, kneaded, made into cakes (of meal Ja.iii.343; Ja.v.46;
  7. bound together, linked clustered Dhp-a.i.304 kaṇṇika˚ (of thoughts).
  8. set made up (of the mind) Dhp-a.i.11 (mānasaṃ te b.). Cp. ati˚, anu˚, a˚, ni˚, paṭi˚, vini˚, sam˚.
  • -añjalika keeping the hands reverently extended Dāvs iii.30.
  • -rāva the cry of the bound (or trapped Ja.iv.279, Ja.iv.415 (variant reading bandhana˚).
  • -vera having contracted an enmity, hostile, bearing a grudge Dhp-a.i.324.

pp. of bandhati


neuter a leather strap, a thong Vin.i.287 (T. bandha perhaps right, cp. ābandhana 3) Pv-a.127.

fr. bandhati