indeclinable the letter or sound (syllable) bh; figuring in Bdhgh’s exegesis of the N. Bhagavā as representing bhava, whereas ga stands for gamana, va for vanta Kp-a.109
■ Like ba˚; we often find bha˚; mixed up with pa˚
■ see e.g. bhaṇḍa bhaṇḍati; bh represents b. in bhasta = Sk. basta, bhisa = Sk. bisa, bhusa = Sk buśa
bha-kāra the sound (or ending) -bha, which at Vin.iv.7 is given as implying contempt or abuse among other low terms (hīnā akkosā). This refers also to the sound (ending) -ya (see ya-kāra). The expln for this probably is that -bha is abstracted from words ending thus, where the word itself meant something inferior or contemptible, and this shade of meaning was regarded as inhering in the ending, not in the root of the word, as e.g. in ibbha (menial).