indeclinable a familiar term of address (in speaking to equals or inferiors): sir friend, you, my dear; pl. sirs DN.i.88, DN.i.90, DN.i.93, DN.i.111; MN.i.484; Snp.427, Snp.457, Snp.487; with voc. of noun: bho purisa my dear man Ja.i.423; bho brahmaṇā oh ye brahmans Ja.ii.369. Double bho bho Dhp-a.iv.158.

  • -vādika = ˚vādin Mnd.249.
  • -vādin a brahman, i.e. one who addresses others with the word “bho,” implying some superiority of the speaker; name given to the brahman, as proud of his birth, in contrast to brāhmaṇa, the true brahman Snp.620; Dhp.396;; Dhp-a.iv.158.

voc. of bhavant, cp. Sk. bhoḥ which is the shortened voc. bhagoḥ of Vedic bhagavant; cp. as to form P. āvuso → Sk. āyuṣmaḥ of āyuṣmant