neuter a sunshade (“parasol” would be misleading. The handle of a chatta is affixed at the circumference, not at the centre as it is in a parasol), a canopy Vin.i.152; Vin.ii.114; DN.i.7≈; DN.ii.15 (seta˚, under which Gotama is seated); Ja.i.267 (seta˚); Ja.iv.16, Ja.v.383;; Snp.688, Snp.689; Mil.355; Dhp-a.i.380 sq. DN-a.i.89; Pv-a.47
■ Esp. as seta˚ the royal canopy, one of the 5 insignia regis (setachatta-pamukhaṃ pañcavidhaṃ rāja-kakudhabhaṇḍaṃ Pv-a.74), see kakudhabhaṇḍa,,; -ṃ ussāpeti to unfold the r canopy Pv-a.75; Dhp-a.i.161, Dhp-a.i.167. See also paṇṇa˚.

  • -daṇḍa the handle of a sunshade Dhp-a.iii.212;
  • -nāḷi the tube or shaft (of reeds or bamboo) used for the making of sunshades MN.ii.116;
  • -maṅgala the coronation festival Ja.iii.407; Dhp-a.iii.307; Vv-a.66.

late Vedic chattra = *chad-tra, covering to chad, see chādati


a pupil, a student Ja.ii.428.

cp. Sk. chātra, one who carries his master’s sunshade