conformity to the Dhammaniyāma (see niyāma), fitness, propriety; a general rule higher law, cosmic law, general practice, regular phenomenon usual habit; often used in the sense of a finite verb: it is a rule, it is proper, one should expect SN.i.140 (buddhānaṃ dh. the law of the B.’s i.e. as one is wont to expect of the B.s), SN.i.215 (su˚); SN.iv.216 sq. (khaya˚ etc.) DN.ii.12; AN.ii.36 (kusala˚); AN.v.46; Thag.712; Ja.i.245 Ja.ii.128; Ne.21, Ne.50, cp. Mil.179; Pv-a.19; Vv-a.7. See also Avs Index.

Sk. dharmitā