neuter being here (in this world), in the present state of becoming, this (earthly) state (not “thusness” or “life as we conceive it”, as Mrs. Rh. D. in K. S. i.177; although a confusion between ittha & itthaṃ seems to exist, see ittha); “life in these conditions” K. S. ii.17; expld. by itthabhāva C. on SN.i.140 (see K. S. 318)
■ See also freq formula A of arahatta
■ DN.i.18, DN.i.84; AN.i.63; AN.ii.82, AN.ii.159 AN.ii.203; Snp.158; Dhs.633; Pp.70, Pp.71; DN-a.i.112.

ittha + *tvaṃ, abstr. fr. ittha. The curious BSk. distortion of this word is icchatta Mvu.417


neuter state or condition of femininity, womanhood, muliebrity Dhs.633 (itthi-sabhāva Dhs-a.321). Itthi & Itthi

itthi + *tvaṃ abstr. fr. itthi