1. a small fraction of a whole, generally the 16th part; the 16th part of the moon’s disk; often the 16th part again subdivided into 16 parts and so on: one infinitesimal part (see Vv-a.103; Dhp-a.ii.63), in this sense in the expression kalaṃ nâgghati soḷasiṃ “not worth an infinitesimal portion of” = very much inferior to SN.i.19; SN.iii.156 = SN.v.44 = Iti.20; AN.i.166 AN.i.213; AN.iv.252; Ud.11; Dhp.70; Vv.43#7; Dhp-a.ii.63 (= koṭṭhāsa) Dhp-a.iv.74.
  2. an art, a trick (lit. part, turn) Ja.i.163
    ■ kalaṃ upeti to be divided or separated Mil.106; Dhp-a.i.119; see sakala
    ■ In cpd. with bhū as kalī -bhavati to be divided, broken up Ja.i.467 (= bhijjati). Cp. vikala.

Vedic kalā *squel, to Lat scalpo, Gr. σκάλλω, Ohg scolla, scilling, scala. The Dhtp. (no 613) explains kala by “sankhyāne.”