1. a tortoiseor turtle-shell SN.i.7 = Mil.371; SN.iv.179; as ornament at DN-a.i.89.
  2. the skull, cp. kaṭāha in sīsakaṭāha.
  3. a frying pan (usually as ayo˚, of iron, e.g. AN.iv.70 Cnd.304#iii; Vv-a.335) Ja.ii.352; Vv.84#5; Dhp-a.i.148 (variant reading ˚kapalla); Bdhd 100 (in simile).
  4. a begging bowl, used by certain ascetics SN.iv.190; SN.v.53, SN.v.301; AN.i.36; AN.iii.225; Ja.i.89; Pv-a.3.
  5. a potsherd Ja.ii.301.
  • -ābhata the food collected in a bowl AN.i.36;
  • -khaṇḍa a bit of potsherd Ja.ii.301;
  • -hattha “with a bowl in his hand,” begging, or a beggar, Thag.1118; Ja.i.89; Ja.iii.32 Ja.v.468; Pv-a.3.

Sk. kapāla, see kapalla