1. doubt, uncertainty SN.i.181; SN.iii.203 (dukkhe k. etc.; cp. Cnd.1); Snp.541, Snp.1149; ˚ṃ vinayati Snp.58, Snp.559, Snp.1025; k. pahīyati Pts.ii.62; combined with vimati: DN.i.105; DN.iii.116; SN.iv.327; SN.v.161; AN.ii.79 AN.ii.160, AN.ii.185; DN-a.i.274; with vicikicchā: SN.iv.350; Dhs.425 Defined as = kankhāyanā & kankhāyitatta Cnd1; Dhs.425 (under vicikicchā). 3 doubts enumerated at DN.iii.217; DN.iii.4 in passages with vimati (see above); 7 at Dhs.1004; Dhs.8 at Cnd.1 & Dhs.1118; Dhs.16 at MN.i.8 & Vism.518.
  2. as adj. doubting, doubtful, in; akaṅkha one who has overcome all doubt, one who possesses right knowledge (vijjā), in combinations akankha apiha anupaya SN.i.181; akhila a. Snp.477, Snp.1059; Cndi; cp. vitiṇṇa Snp.514; avitiṇṇa˚ Snp.249, Snp.318, Snp.320 (= ajānaṃ); nikkankha SN.ii.84 (+ nibbicikiccha).
  3. expectation SN-a.183 On connotation of k. in general see Dhs trsl. p. 115 n1.
  • -cchida removing or destroying doubt Snp.87.
  • -cchedana the removal of d. Ja.i.98; Ja.iv.69.
  • -ṭṭhāniya founded on d., doubtful (dhammā) DN.iii.285; AN.iv.152, AN.iv.154 AN.v.16; AN-a.689.
  • -dhamma a doubting state of mind doubt DN.ii.149; SN.iv.350.
  • -vitaraṇa overcoming of doubt Mil.233; Dhs-a.352, ˚visuddhi complete purification in consequence of the removal of all doubt DN.iii.288; MN.i.147; Ud.60; Vism.523; Bdhd 116 sq.
  • -samaṅgin affected with doubts, having doubts Dhs-a.259.

cp. Sk. kānkṣā