adjective eaten, or having eaten, eaten up, consumed Ja.i.223; Ja.ii.154; Pv-a.5
■ A twin form of khādita is khāyita, formed prob. on analogy of sāyita, with which freq. combined (cp., however, Trenckner P.M. 57), e.g. Pp.59; Vism.258; Pv-a.25. Used as the poetical form Pv.i.12#11 (expl. Pv-a.158 = khādita)
■ Der. khāditatta (nt.) the fact of being eaten Ja.i.176.

  • -ṭṭhāna the eating place, place of feeding Ja.v.447.

pp. med. & pass. of khādati