to be broken up, to break (up), to be destroyed to go asunder, to fall apart AN.i.283 = Pp.32 (here equal to “be wiped out,” but it is unnecessary to assume as Kern,


s. v. lujjati does, a by-form of luc, luñcati The Pp C. 215 explains by “nassati”); Vin.i.297; Vin.ii.123; SN.iv.52 (in etymologizing interpretation of loka: “lujjati kho loko ti vuccati”; quoted at Cnd.550 on Snp.1119); Thag.929
■ Cp. olujjati, palujjati
pp lugga.

Pass. of ruj, corresponding to Sk. rujyate. Dhtp.400 gives luj as sep. root with meaning vināsa. See rujati