1. house, abode Dhp.91 (= ālaya Dhp-a.ii.170).
  2. (fig.) company association. (In this sense it seems to be interpreted as belonging to ketu “sign, characteristic, mark,” and niketa-sārin would have to be taken as “following the banner or flag of…,” i.e. belonging or attached to i.e. a follower of, one who is devoted to.) ; not living in company, having no house Snp.207; Mil.244 (+ nirālaya).
  • -vāsin (a˚) not living in a house, not associating with anybody Mil.201;
  • -sayana = ˚vāsin Mil.361;
  • -sārin (a˚) “wandering homeless” or “not living in company, i.e. not associating with, not a follower of… SN.iii.9 sq. = Mnd.198; Snp.844 = SN.iii.9; Snp-a.255 = SN.iii.10; Snp.970 (= Mnd.494 q.v.).

Sk. niketa settlement, ni + cināti