that on which anything depends, support help, protection; endowment, resource, requisite, supply foundation, reliance on (acc. or-˚) Vin.i.58 (the four resources of bhikkhu, viz. piṇḍiyālopa-bhojanaṃ, paṃsukūla-cīvaraṃ, rukkhamūla-senāsanaṃ, pūtimuttabhesajjaṃ); Vin.ii.274, Vin.ii.278; DN.iii.137, DN.iii.141; AN.i.117; AN.iii.271 AN.iv.353; AN.v.73; Snp.753, Snp.877; Mnd.108 (two n.: taṇhā˚ diṭṭhi˚), Mnd.190, cp. Cnd s. v.; Cnd.397#A (the requisites of a bhikkhu in diff. enumeration); Pts.ii.49 sq., Pts.ii.58 sq. Pts.ii.73 sq.; Pts.ii.220; Ne.7, Ne.65; Vism.12, Vism.535. nissayaṃ karoti to rely on, to be founded on to take one’s stand in Snp.800
■ Cp. nissāya & nissita.

  • -kamma giving assistance or help, an (ecclesiastical act of help or protection Vin.i.49 Vin.i.143, Vin.i.325; Vin.ii.226 AN.i.99 Pv.iv.1#1 (so to be read at the 2 latter passages for niyassa˚);
  • -sampanna finding one’s strength in AN.iv.353

Sk. niśraya, of ni + śri, corresp. in meaning to Sk. āśraya