adjective learned, full of knowledge, clever, well-acquainted, familiar DN.iii.170; Vv.53#2 (= nipuṇa Vv-a.232); Ja.ii.243; Ja.iv.130; Ja.v.399; Vism.95 (Majjhimo me paguṇo: I am well versed in the M.), Vism.242 (dve tayo nikāyā paguṇā); DN-a.i.95; Snp-a.195; Kp-a.73
paguṇaṃ karoti, to make oneself familiar with, to learn by heart, to master thoroughly Ja.ii.166; Ja.iii.537 (tayo vede); Mil.12 (Abhidhamma-piṭakaṃ).

  • -bhāva familiarity with, acquaintance, efficient state cleverness in, experience. knowledge (cp. pāguñña Ja.iii.537; Dhs.48, Dhs.49.

pa + guṇa cp. Sk. praguṇa straight, der. “kind”