(in verse) pabhavati

  1. to proceed from (with gen.), rise, originate DN.ii.217; MN.iii.76; SN.ii.184; as pabhavati at Snp.728 = Snp.1050 (cp. Cnd.401) (perf. med.) pahottha it has arisen from (gen.), i.e. it was the fault of Ja.v.102.
  2. to be sufficient, adequate or able (with inf.) DN.i.240; MN.i.94; SN.i.102; Snp.36, Snp.867; Ja.v.305; DN-a.i.192; DN-a.iii.254 (fut. pahossati); Vv-a.75 Dāvs iv.18. Neg. both with na˚ & a˚ viz. nappahoti; Dhp-a.iii.408; nappahosi Ja.i.84; appahoti Dhp-a.iv.177; appabhonto Pv-a.73; in verse appabhavaṃ Ja.iii.373 (= appahonto C.)

pp pahūta (q.v.).

pa + ; bhu, cp. Vedic prabhavati in meaning “to be helpful”