adjective distant, remote, solitary, secluded; only in phrase pantaṃ senāsanaṃ (sayanāsanaṃ) or pantāni senāsanāni “solitary bed & chair” MN.i.17, MN.i.30; AN.i.60; AN.ii.137 AN.iii.103; AN.v.10, AN.v.202; Snp.72 (cp. Cnd.93), Snp.338, Snp.960 (˚amhi sayanāsane), Snp.969 (sayanamhi pante); Dhp.185 (= vivitta Dhp-a.iii.238); Ud.43 (so read for patthañ); Ja.iii.524 (˚amhi sayanāsane); Vism.73 (panta-senāsane rata) Snp-a.263 (variant reading pattha).

  • -sena (adj.) one who has his resting place far away from men, epithet of the Buddha MN.i.386.

cp. Epic Sk. prānta edge, margin, border, pra + anta; also BSk. prānta in meaning of Pali, e.g. Mvu.iii.200; Divy.312 (prānta-śayan-āsana-sevin)