1. to become bright, to brighten up Pv-a.132 (mukha-vaṇṇo p.).
  2. to be purified, reconciled or pleased; to be clear & calm, to become of peaceful heart (mano or cittaṃ p.); to find one’s satisfaction in (loc.), to have faith DN.ii.202; SN.i.98; SN.ii.199 (sutvā dhammaṃ p.); AN.iii.248; Snp.356, Snp.434, Snp.563; Cnd.426 (= saddahati, adhimuccati okappeti); Vv.50#14 (mano me pasīdi, aor.); Vism.129; Mil.9; Dhp-a.iii.3 (= he is gracious, i.e. good); Vv-a.6 (better variant reading passitvā) Pv-a.141

pp pasanna (q.v.). See also pasādeti vippasīdati.

pa + sad