the hand Vin.iii.14 (pāṇinā paripuñchati); MN.i.78 (pāṇinā parimajjati) SN.i.178, SN.i.194; Snp.713; Dhp.124; Ja.i.126 (˚ṃ paharati) Pp-a 249 (id.); Pv-a.56; Sdhp.147, Sdhp.238. As adj. (-˚) “handed,” with a hand, e.g. alla˚; with clean hand Pv.ii.9#9; payata˚; with outstretched hand, open-handed liberal SN.v.351; AN.iii.287; AN.iv.266 sq.; AN.v.331.

  • -tala the palm of the hand DN.ii.17.
  • -bhāga handshare division by hands Vv-a.96.
  • -matta of the size of a hand, a handful Pv-a.70, Pv-a.116, Pv-a.119.
  • -ssara hand sound hand music, a cert. kind of musical instrument DN.i.6 DN.iii.183; DN-a.i.84 (cp. Dial DN-a.i.8), DN-a.i.231; Ja.v.390, Ja.v.506; cp BSk. pāṇisvara Mvu.ii.52. Also adj. one who plays this instrument Ja.vi.276; cp. BSk. pāṇisvarika Mvu.iii.113.

Vedic pāṇi, cp. Av. pərənā hand, with n-suffix, where we find m-suffix in Gr. παλάμη, Lat. palma, Oir lām, Ohg. folma = Ags. folm