adjective fierce, awful, terrible Ja.iv.416 (so luddako rudda-rūpo; variant reading ludda˚); Ja.v.425, Ja.v.431 (su-ruddho spelling for su-ruddo, very fierce, explained as su-luddo supharuso); Mhvs.12, Mhvs.45 (rudda-rakkhasī, prob. with ref to the demon Rudra; translation “fearsome female demon” vv.ll. ruda˚, ruddha˚, dudda˚).

cp. Sk. raudra & Vedic rudra (a fierce demon or storm-deity; “the red one,” with Pischel from rud to be ruddy. See Macdonell, Vedic Mythology 74–77) The usual Pāli form is ludda. At Dhtp.473 & Dhtm.135 a root; ruṭh (or luṭh) is given in meaning “upaghāte” i.e. killing, which may represent this rud: see luṭhati