1. to restrain, hinder, prevent, obstruct, keep out Cp.iii.10#7; Mil.313 (+ upa˚).
  2. to conceal, hide cover up Thig.238 (ppr. rundhanto); Pv-a.88 (ppr rundhamāna).
  3. in phrase nagaraṃ r. to surround or besiege a town Ja.i.409 (aor. rundhi); Ja.iii.159 (˚itvā), Ja.iv.230 (˚iṃsu)
    pass rujjhati; pp. ruddha & rūḷha.
    ■ See also upa˚, paṭi˚ paṭivā, vi˚
    Note. The roots rudh & rundh; are also found in Prk. (see Pischel § 507) besides we have a by-form rubh in Prk. as well as in Pāli: see Pischel, § 266, 507, and P. rumbhati.

rundh or rudh, both roots in Vedic Sk
■ Dhtp (375, 425) explains by “āvaraṇe”; id. Dhtm (608, 662).