1. closed DN.i.81.
  2. tied up Ja.iv.361.
  3. restrained, governed, (self-)controlled guarded DN.i.250; DN.iii.48, DN.iii.97; SN.ii.231; SN.iv.351 sq.; AN.i.7 (cittaṃ); AN.ii.25; AN.iii.387; Iti.96, Iti.118; Snp.340 (indriyesu) Dhp.340; DN-a.i.181.

asaṃvuta unrestrained SN.iv.70; AN.iii.387; Pp.20, Pp.24; in phrase asaṃvuṭā lokantarikā andhakārā (the world-spaces which are dark &) ungoverned, orderless, not supported, baseless DN.ii.12 - su˚ well controlled Vin.ii.213; Vin.iv.186; SN.iv.70; Snp.413; Dhp.8.

  • -atta self-controlled SN.i.66.
  • -indriya having the senses under control Iti.91; Pp.35.
  • -kārin MN.ii.260.

pp. of saṃvarati