1. flat surface (w. ref. to either top or bottom: cp. Ger. boden), level, ground, base Ja.i.60 Ja.i.62 (pāsāda˚ flat roof); Ja.iii.60 (id.); paṭhavī˚ (level ground) Ja.ii.111, cp. bhūmi˚ Pv-a.176; ādāsa˚ surface of a mirror Vism.450, Vism.456, Vism.489; salila˚ (surface of pond Pv-a.157; Vv-a.160; heṭṭhima˚ (the lowest level Ja.i.202; Pv-a.281
    ■ Ja.i.233 (base); Ja.i.266 (khagga˚ the flat of the sword); Ja.ii.102 (bheri˚)
  2. the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot Ja.ii.223; Vism.250 & cpds
    ■ See also taṭa, tāla, tālu.
  • -ghātaka a slap with the palm of the hand Vin.iv.260 Vin.iv.261;
  • -sattika in ˚ṃ uggirati to lift up the palm of the hand Vin.iv.147; Dhp-a.iii.50; cp. Vin. Texts i.51.

Derivation uncertain. Cp. Sk. tala m. & nt.; cp. Gr. τηλία (dice-board), Lat. tellus (earth), tabula (= table). Oir. talam (earth), Ags. pel (= deal), Ohg dili = Ger. diele