to pull out, take away, destroy Snp.583 (udabbahe pot. = ubbaheyya dhāreyya Snp-a.460); Thag.158; Ja.ii.223 (udabbahe = udabbaheyya C.); Ja.iv.462 (ubbahe); Ja.vi.587 (= hareyya C.).

ud + bṛh or vṛh, see also uddharati


to carry away, take away, lift (the corn after cutting); only in Caus. ii. ubbahāpeti to have the corn harvested Vin.ii.180 = AN.i.241
■ Here belong uddhaṭa and uddharaṇa. Cp. also pavāḷha.

ud + vahati, although possibly same as ubbahati1, in meaning of uddharati, which has taken up meanings of *udbharati, as well as of *udbṛhati and *udvahati