1. the bladder Vin.iii.117; Ja.i.146; Snp.195; Vism.144 = Dhs-a.117; Vism.264, Vism.345 (mutta˚) 362; DN-a.i.161; Vb-a.248.
  2. the pudendum: see ˚*kosa*.
  3. a clyster (-bag): see ˚*kamma*.
  • -kamma (ṃ karoti) to use a clyster Vin.i.216.
  • -kosa a membranous sheath enveloping the sexual organ of a male DN-a.i.275 (˚kosena paṭicchanna vatthaguyha: so read for ˚kesena); Vv-a.252 (˚mukha orifice of the pudendum of an elephant).

Vedic vasti in meaning 1; the other meanings later