adverb in which, where, since; only in phrase yatra hi nāma (in emphatic exclamations) with Fut. “as indeed, inasmuch as, that” SN.ii.255 (ñāṇabhūtā vata sāvakā y. h. n. savako ñassati etc.); Ja.i.59 (dhir-atthu vata bho jātiyā y. h. n. jātassa jarā paññāyissati “woe to birth that old age is to be noticed in that which is born!”); Mil.13 (acchariyaṃ vata bho… y. h. n. me upajjhāyo ceto-parivitakkaṃ jānissati).

the (older?) reconstituted Sk. form of P. yattha, cp. Vedic yatra in which, where. The P. form is younger than the Vedic, as the P. meaning is doubtful for the V. period. It is merely a differentiation of forms to mark a special meaning in the sense of a causal conjunction, whereas yattha is adv. (of place or time) only