1. to announce, tell, point out, refer to
  2. to dedicate (a gift, dakkhiṇaṃ or dānaṃ).

pres ind. ādisati DN.i.213 = AN.i.170 (tell or read one’s character); Snp.1112 (atītaṃ); Mnd.382 (nakkhattaṃ set the horoscope); Mil.294 (dānaṃ);
pot ādiseyya Thig.307 (dakkhiṇaṃ); Pv.iv.1#30 (id. = uddiseyya Pv-a.228) & ādise Vin.i.229 = DN.ii.88 (dakkhiṇaṃ);
imper ādisa Pv-a.49
fut ādissati Thig.308 (dakkhiṇaṃ) Pv-a.88 (id.)
aor ādisi Pv.ii.2#8; Pv-a.46 (dakkhiṇaṃ); pl ādisiṃsu ibid. Pv-a.53 (id.) & ādisuṃ Pv.i.10#6 (id.)
ger ādissa Vin.iii.127; Snp.1018; Pv.ii.1#6 (dānaṃ), & ādisitvāna Thig.311
grd ādissa (adj.) to be told or shown MN.i.12.

ā + disati