feeding, support, food, nutriment (lit & fig.). The term is used comprehensively and the usual enumn. comprises four kinds of nutriment, viz.

  1. kabaḷinkāra āhāro (bodily nutriment, either oḷāriko gross, solid, or sukhumo fine)
  2. phassāhāro Name of contact,
  3. manosañcetanā˚. Name of volition (= cetanā SN-a on SN.ii.11 f.),
  4. viññāṇ˚ of consciousness. Thus at MN.i.261; DN.iii.228, DN.iii.276; Dhs.71–Dhs.73 Vism.341.

Another definition of Dhammapāla’s refers it to the fourfold tasting as asita (eaten), pīta (drunk), khāyita (chewed), sāyita (tasted) food Pv-a.25. A synonym with mūla, hetu, etc. for cause, Yamaka, i.3; Yam. A (J.P.T.S. 1910–12) 54. See on term also Dhs trsl. 30
■ Vin.i.84; DN.i.166; SN.i.172; SN.ii.11, SN.ii.13, SN.ii.98 sq. (the 4 kinds in detail); SN.iii.54 (sa˚); SN.v.64, SN.v.391; AN.iii.51 (sukhass˚), AN.iii.79, AN.iii.142 sq., AN.iii.192 sq.; AN.iv.49, AN.iv.108; AN.v.52 (the four), AN.v.108, AN.v.113 (avijjāya etc.), AN.iii.116 (bhavataṇhāya), AN.iii.269 sq (nerayikānaṃ etc.); Snp.78, Snp.165, Snp.707, Snp.747; Mnd.25; Pts.i.22 (the four), Pts.i.122 (id.), Pts.i.55, Pts.i.76 sq; Kv.508; Pp.21, Pp.55; Vb.2, Vb.13, Vb.72, Vb.89, Vb.320, Vb.383, Vb.401 sq. (the four) Dhs.58, Dhs.121, Dhs.358, Dhs.646; Ne.31, Ne.114, Ne.124; Dhs-a.153 Dhs-a.401; Dhp-a.i.183 (˚ṃ pacchindati to bring up food, to vomit); Dhp-a.ii.87; Vv-a.118; Pv-a.14, Pv-a.35, Pv-a.112, Pv-a.148 (utu physical nutriment); Sdhp.100, Sdhp.395, Sdhp.406; AN.v.136 gives ten āhāra opposed to ten paripanthā. -an˚; without food unfed MN.i.487 (aggi); SN.iii.126; SN.v.105; Snp.985.

  • -ūpahāra consumption of food, feeding, eating Vin.iii.136.
  • -ṭhitika subsisting or living on food DN.iii.211, DN.iii.273; AN.v.50, AN.v.55; Pts.i.5, Pts.i.122.
  • -pariggaha taking up or acquirement of food Mil.244 or is it “restraint or abstinence in food”? Same combn. at Mil.313.
  • -maya “food-like” feeding stuff, food Ja.iii.523.
  • -lolatā greed after food Snp-a.35.
  • -samudaya origin of nutriment SN.iii.59.

fr. ā + hṛ; lit. taking up or on to oneself