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pipphalī, 8 találat.

pipphalī →


long pepper SN.v.79; Ja.iii.85; Vv.43#6; Dhp-a.i.258 (˚guhā npl.); Dhp-a.iv.155.

with aspirate ph for p, as in Sk. pippalī, see Geiger, P.Gr. § 62. See also pippala. Etym. loan words are Gr. πέπε …

mahākassapa →



One of the Buddha’s most eminent disciples, chief among those who upheld austere practices. AN.i.23 His personal name was Pippali, but he is usually known by his clan name K …

moriyā →


A khattiya clan of India. Among those claiming a share of the Buddha’s relics were the Moriyas of Pipphalivana. They came rather late and had to be satisfied with a share of the ashes. DN.ii.166

pippaliguhā →



A cave near Rājagaha, evidently a favourite haunt of Mahā Kassapa. Once when he lay there grievously ill, the Buddha visited him and cheered him by talking to him of the seven …

rājagaha →


A city, the capital of Māgadha.

The place was called Giribbaja (mountain stronghold) because it was surrounded by five hills—Paṇḍava, Gijjhakūṭa, Vebhāra, Isigili and Vepulla. It is said MN.iii.68 th …

kaṭuka →


adjective sharp, bitter, acid, severe

  1. severe, sharp (fig.), of dukkha, vedanā, kāmā, etc MN.i.10 = AN.ii.143;; Thig.451 (= Thag-a.281) SN-a.56
    ■ painful, terrible, frightful (-ap …

pippala →


pepper Vin.i.201, cp. Vin. Texts ii.46.

for the usual P. pipphalī, Sk. pippalī

pipphala →


…by madhuraphala).

cp. Epic Sk. pippala, on ph for p see pipphalī