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cita, 8 találat.

kuvera →


…is Āḷakamandā and his citadel Visāṇā. His messengers are Tatolā, Tattolā, Tatotalā, Ojasi, Tejasi, Tatojasī, Sūra, Rāja,…

mahākassapa →


…desirability of holding a Recital of the Buddha’s teachings. The five hundred who were selected met in Council under the presidency of Kassapa…

pātimokkha →


…of interrupting the recital seems to have been changed later Vin.ii.240ff. even though the old formula, asking the members to speak,…

revata →


…from one hundred and twelve thousand, at the head of whom was Revata—held a recital of the Dhamma, which recital therefore came to be…

soṇa →


…At the end of the recital the Buddha congratulated him. Soṇa asked for the relaxation of sive points of Vinaya for those living in border…

udāyī →


…special effort so that his recitation might be audible to the others. Vin.i.115 It is, perhaps, this same monk who is mentioned in the Vinaya as…

yasa →


…to the assembly. Then the recital of the Vinaya was held in which seven hundred monks participated; this recital was called the Sattasatī….

ānanda →


…the Buddha passed away, and was responsible for the recitation of the Suttas.