1. (to attha1) profitable, good, proper. In this meaning the MSS show a variance of spelling either atthika or aṭṭhika or aṭṭhita; in all cases atthika should be preferred DN.i.55 (˚vāda); MN.ii.212 (aṭṭhita); AN.iii.219 sq. (idaṃ atthikaṃ this is suitable, of good avail; T aṭṭhitaṃ, vv.ll. as above); Snp.1058 (aṭṭhita Cnd.20 also aṭṭhita, which at this pass. shows a confusion between aṭṭha and a-ṭhita); Ja.v.151 (in def. of aṭṭhikatvā q.v.); Pp.69, Pp.70 (T aṭṭhika, aṭṭhita SS; expld. by Pp AN.v.4 by kalyāṇāya).
  2. (to attha1 2) desirous of (-˚) wanting, seeking for, in need of (c. instr.) AN.ii.199 (uday desirous of increase); Snp.333, Snp.460, Snp.487 (puññ˚), Snp.987 (dhan˚ greedy for wealth); Ja.i.263 (rajj˚ coveting a kingdom); Ja.v.19; Pv.ii.2#28 (bhojan˚ in need of food); Pv.iv.1#1 (kāraṇ˚), Pv.iv.1#21 (khiḍḍ˚ for play), Pv.iv.1#63 (puññ˚); Pv-a.95 (sasena a. wanting a rabbit), Pv-a.120; DN-a.i.70 (atthikā those who like to). -anatthika one who does not care for, or is not satisfied with (c. instr.) Ja.v.460; Pv-a.20; of no good Thag.956 (“of little zeal” Mrs. Rh. D.).
  1. usefulness, profitableness Pp AN.v.4.
  2. state of need, distress Pv-a.120.

cp. Sk. arthika