hook, a pole with a hook, used

  1. for plucking fruit off trees, a crook Ja.i.9 (˚pacchi hook & basket); Ja.v.89 = Ja.vi.520 (pacchikhanitti˚), Ja.vi.529 (= phalānaṃ gaṇhanatthaṃ ankusaṃ)
  2. to drive an elephant, a goad (cp patoda & tutta Vin.ii.196 (+ kasā); Ja.vi.489; Thag-a.173 (ovādaṃ ankusaṃ katvā, fig. guide); Sdhp.147 (daṇḍ˚)
  3. Name of a certain method of inference in Logic (naya), consisting in inferring certain mental states of a general character from respective traits where they are to be found Ne.2, Ne.4, Ne.127; Ne-a.208; - acc˚; beyond the reach of the goad DN.ii.266 (nāga). See also ankusaka.
  • -gayha (the art) how to grasp and handle an eleph. driver’s hook MN.ii.94 (sippa).
  • -gaha an elephant-driver Dhp.326.

Vedic ankuśa; to anc, see anka2