1. to be given (see below)
  2. deserving a gift, worthy of receiving alms Ja.iii.12 (a˚); Mil.87 (rāja˚) -nt. a gift offering Vin.i.298 (saddhā˚).
  • -dhamma a gift, lit. that which has the quality of being given; esp. a gift of mercy, meritorious gift SN.i.175; AN.i.150, AN.i.166; AN.ii.264 (saddhā˚); Pv.i.1#1; Pv.ii.3#18 Pv-a.5, Pv-a.7 sq., Pv-a.26, Pv-a.92 (˚bīja), Pv-a.103, Pv-a.129; cp. Avs.i.308. The deyyadhamma (set of gifts, that which it is or should be a rule to give) to mendicants, consists of 14 items, which are (as enumerated at Cnd.523 under the old Brahman’s term yañña “sacrifice”) 1 cīvara, 2 piṇḍapāta 3 senāsana, 4 gilāna-paccaya-bhesajja-parikkhāra, 5 anna, 6 pāna, 7 vattha, 8 yāna, 9 mālā 10 gandhā, 11 vilepana, 12 seyya, 13 āvasatha 14 padīpeyya. A similar enumn in diff. order is found at Mnd.373.

Sk. deya, grd. of , see dadāti I. 2, b