to induce somebody to give, to order to be given, to deal out, send, grant, dedicate Ja.vi.485; Pv-a.46; aor dāpesi Ja.iv.138; Dhp-a.i.226, Dhp-a.i.393 (sent); Pv-a.5 (id.), Pv-a.31 fut. dāpessati Ja.ii.3; Dhp-a.371. Cp. ava˚.

Sk. dāpayati, dap fr. (see dadāti & dayati) = deal out, spend, etc., cp. Gr.; δάπτω, δαπάνη (expenditure), δεϊπνον (meal); Lat. daps (id.), damnum (expense fr. *dapnom). See also dātta & dāna


to cause to run Ja.ii.404.

Sk. drāvayati & drapayati, Caus. to; dru, see davati