ancestry, lineage. There is no word in English for gotta. It includes all those descended, or supposed to be descended, from a common ancestor. A gotta name is always distinguished from the personal name, the name drawn from place of origin or residence, or from occupation, and lastly from the nick-name. It probably means agnate rather than cognate. About a score of gotta names are known They are all assigned to the Buddha’s time. See also Rh. D. Dialogues i.27, 195 sq
■ jāti gotta lakkhaṇa Snp.1004; gotta salakkhaṇa Snp.1018; Ādiccā nāma gottena, Sākiyā nāma jātiyā Snp.423; jāti gotta kula Ja.ii.3; jātiyā gottena bhogena sadisa “equal in rank lineage & wealth” Dhp-a.ii.218
■ evaṃ-gotta (adj. belonging to such & such an ancestry MN.i.429; MN.ii.20, MN.ii.33 kathaṃ˚ of what lineage, or: what is your family name DN.i.92; nānā˚ (pl.) of various families Pv.ii.9#16
■ With nāma (name & lineage, or nomen et cognomen): nāmagottaṃ Vin.i.93; Vin.ii.239; DN.i.92 (expl. at DN-a.i.257 paññatti-vasena nāmaṃ paveṇi-vasena gottaṃ: the name for recognition, the surname for lineage); Snp.648; Vv.84#45 (with nāma & nāmadheyya; expl. at Vv-a.348 Vv-a.349: nāmadheyya, as Tisso, Phusso, etc.; gotta, as Bhaggavo Bhāradvājo, etc.)
gottena by the ancestral name: Vin.i.93; DN.ii.154; Snp.1019; Dhp.393; gottato same Ja.i.56. Examples: Ambaṭṭha Kaṇhāyana-gottena DN.i.92; Vipassī Koṇḍañño g˚; Kakusandho Kassapo g˚ Bhagavā Gotamo g˚ DN.ii.3; Nāgito Kassapo g˚ DN-a.i.310 Vasudevo Kaṇho g˚ Pv-a.94.

  • -thaddha conceited as regards descent (+ jāti˚ dhana˚) Snp.104;
  • -pañha question after one’s family name Snp.456;
  • -paṭisārin (adj.) relying on lineage DN.i.99 (cp. Dialogues i.122); AN.v.327 sq.;
  • -bandhava connected by family ties (ñāti˚ +) Cnd.455;
  • -rakkhita protected by a (good) name Snp.315; Vv-a.72;
  • -vāda talk over lineage, boasting as regards descent DN.i.99.

Vedic gotra, to go