1. an ornament for the ear, in ˚lakkhaṇa: see below.
  2. the pericarp of a lotus Ja.i.152, Ja.i.183; Ja.v.416; Mil.361; Vism.124 (paduma˚); Vv-a.43.
  3. the corner of the upper story of a palace or pagoda, house-top Ja.i.201; Ja.iii.146, Ja.iii.318 Ja.iii.431, Ja.iii.472; Dhp-a.i.77 (kūṭāgāra˚); DN-a.i.43; Vv-a.304 Bdhd 92.
  4. a sheaf in the form of a pinnacle Dhp-a.i.98
    ■ In compounds kaṇṇika˚.
  • -baddha bound into a sheaf; fig. of objects of thoughts Dhp-a.i.304.
  • -maṇḍala part of the roof of a house Ja.iii.317; Dhp-a.iii.66; Dhp-a.vi.178.
  • -rukkha a tree or log used to form the top of a house Ja.i.201 = Dhp-a.i.269
  • -lakkhaṇa the art of telling fortune by marks on ornaments of the ear, or of the house-top DN.i.9 (= pilandhana-k˚ pi geha-k˚ pi vasena DN-a.i.94).

cp. kaṇṇaka & Sk. karṇikā