1. higher, high, superior, upper, only in compounds, Ja.ii.420 (musal˚ with the club on top of him? Cy not clear, perhaps to uttara2); see also below.
  2. northern (with disā region or point of compass) DN.i.153; MN.i.123; SN.i.224; Pv-a.75. uttarāmukha (for uttaraṃmukha) turning north, facing north Snp.1010.
  3. subsequent, following, second (˚-) Ja.i.63 (˚āsāḷha-nakkhatta).
  4. over, beyond (-˚): aṭṭh’utara-sata eight over a hundred i.e. 108; Dhp-a.i.388

sa-uttara having something above or higher, having a superior i.e. inferior DN.i.80 (citta), DN.ii.299; MN.i.59; SN.v.265; Vb.324 (paññā); Dhs.1292, Dhs.1596; Dhs-a.50
anuttara without a superior, unrivalled, unparalleled DN.i.40; SN.i.124; SN.ii.278; SN.iii.84; Snp.179. See also under anuttara.

  • -attharaṇa upper cover Ja.vi.253.
  • -ābhimukha facing North DN.ii.15.
  • -āsaṅga an upper robe Vin.i.289; Vin.ii.126; SN.i.81; SN.iv.290; AN.i.67, AN.i.145; AN.ii.146; Dhp-a.i.218; Pv-a.73; Vv-a.33 = Vv-a.51.
  • -itara something higher, superior DN.i.45, DN.i.156, DN.i.174; SN.i.81; Ja.i.364; Dhp-a.ii.60; Dhp-a.iv.4
  • -oṭṭha the upper lip (opp. adhar˚) Ja.ii.420; Ja.iii.26; Ja.iv.184.
  • -chada a cover, coverlet, awning (sa˚ a carpet with awnings or canopy above it) DN.i.7; AN.i.181; AN.iii.50
  • -chadana = ˚chada DN.ii.187; Dhp-a.i.87.
  • -dvāra the northern gate Ja.vi.364.
  • -dhamma the higher norm of the world (lok˚), higher righteousness DN.ii.188 (paṭividdha-lok’uttara-dhammatāya uttama-bhāvaṃ patta).
  • -attharaṇa upper cover Ja.vi.253.
  • -pubba north-eastern Ja.vi.518.
  • -sse (variant reading ˚suve) on the day after tomorrow AN.i.240.

compar. of ud˚, q.v. for etym.; the superl. is uttama


adjective crossing over, to be crossed, in dur˚; difficult to cross or to get out of SN.i.197 (not duruttamo); Mil.158; and in cpd. -setu one who is going to cross a bridge Mil.194 (cp. uttara-setu).

fr. uttarati